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Our Guarantee


NLB high-pressure pumps set the industry standard for their rugged reliability, and now you can put that reliability to work for your pavement marking or rubber removal project.  In fact, we are so sure that our pump will perform day-in and day-out without any maintenance that we have created the industry’s only pump guarantee.  Your StarJet truck will not require a single pump replacement part during its first year of service.  If it does, send the part back to us and we will provide a replacement part for free*.

Or take it to the next level.  Purchase our 5 year pump maintenance package and we guarantee you will not have another pump-related cost over the truck’s first five years of operation.  You receive a complete set of spare cartridge assemblies for your pump.  If you experience any issues, simply replace the faulty cartridge assemblies with the spare set, and ship the faulty ones back to NLB.  We will completely refurbish the components and quickly return them to you for future use.

Find the peace of mind that other truck operators have found when switching to the  StarJet.  Unparalleled productivity and reliability, all backed by the only pump cost guarantee available.

*  NLB will replace any pump component that fails at no charge if the procedures in NLB’s operation manual have been followed.  NLB will not be responsible for labor, freight or consequential damage.