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March 25, 2013

Paint Rejuvanation


Road Way Paint Rejuvenation

Over time, rubber deposited from vehicle tires, along with other residues, cause markings to become “blacked out”. This forces some municipalities to reapply markings in an effort to restore visibility.

A StarJet system from NLB can quickly and effectively clean and restore these darkened markings and return the reflectivity readings to an acceptable level. The working life of tape, epoxy and thermoplastic markings can be greatly extended thanks to a water jetting system now NLB.


Runway Paint Rejuvenation

Pavement marking rejuvenation can also be effectively used at airports.  Markings that have excessive rubber and other contaminants on them can be cleaned quickly and effectively, offering  increased levels of visibility and safety, without having to take the runway out of use for an extended period of time.


Roadway Retexturing

With use, both concrete and asphalt road surfaces wear, and begin to have contaminant build-up on the surface.  This can lead to slick road surfaces.

A StarJet system from NLB can remove the contaminants and slightly “etch” the roadway surface, vastly improving the tire to road friction levels.  The 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) water jets can be adjusted to provide the power needed for your application, and the integrated recovery system means the roadway is imminently clean and dry.  No other system provides a simpler, more effective, or reliable solution.


Surface Preparation

The StarJet truck, while designed to perform pavement marking and rubber removal, is essentially a self-contained surface preparation tool as well.  Combine it with a Vortex, hand lance, or any of the other HydroPrep® accessories  available  from NLB, and you have a versatile and effective surface preparation tool.

You can remove paint from barricades or curbs, strip road signs, or remove membranes from parking garage decks.  Find out more about the many way NLB’s water jetting tools can be used to prepare surfaces at our companies other website.


Curing Compound

Curing compounds are applied to new concrete road surfaces to assure that they retain an optimum amount of water to allow complete hydration of the cement.  However, these compounds must be removed prior to the placement of markings. 

A StarJet system can remove these compounds very quickly, and provide an added benefit of creating a superior bonding surface for the marking.