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The StarJet, introduced in 1995, was the world’s first water jet system for removing pavement markings.  It is just one of the many innovations in NLB’s 40-plus years of making contractors more productive.

From humble beginnings in a Flint, Mich. garage, NLB has grown into a global leader in the water jet industry.  At our 125,000-sq.-ft. headquarters in Wixom, Mich. we do our own engineering and manufacturing, using the latest equipment and quality processes.  Parts, service, rentals, and training available here and at strategically-located regional branches around the U.S.


NLB Milestones

1971 - NLB founded by Forrest Shook

1980 - First 20,000 psi pump

1989 - Global sales network launched

1992 - First 30,000 psi pump

1995 - First StarJet Truck built

1998 - First 40,000 psi pump

2003 - First convertible pump

2007 - Merger with Interpump

2011 - First internally-geared pump