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Nothing takes off road markings more productively than a StarJet system, or is easier on pavement.  Its 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) water jets make short work of permanent (paint) or temporary (thermoplastic tape) markings, removing up to 7,000 linear feet per hour without harming the concrete or asphalt surface.  The StarJet uses no abrasives or chemicals and has its own on-board water filtration, so there’s no secondary clean-up to slow you down.

These exceptionally reliable systems — a must for long-line projects — can be custom-engineered to suit your specific needs.  All are easily handled by a single driver/operator, using the convenient in-cab controls.  The same is true of the StripeJet, designed for intersections, parking decks and other short-line jobs that require more maneuverability.

Since it first hit the road in 1995, the StarJet has set the standard for water jet marking removal.  Call us for a demonstration, and see why you’ll be miles ahead with NLB.