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The compact StripeJet™ from NLB Corp. quickly removes pavement markings from concrete and asphalt surfaces. It's versatility and compact size allow it to work in areas such as parking garages, intersections and airport aprons and gate areas.  A short wheelbase and tight turning radius, along with a smooth, consistent speed (forward or reverse) make the StripeJet easy to maneuver.  Options include vacuum recovery and heads with cleaning paths from 8” to 24” (203mm to 610mm).

The patented NLB StarJetTM cleaning head is mounted to the front of the unit  and offers excellent visibility while cleaning. The nozzleassembly is arranged in a unique star pattern, to provide optimal removal rates with minimum substate damage. Nozzle size and placement are adjustable to suit the surface and type of marking.

Features and Specifications

Operating PressureMax FlowVacuum (optional)Nozzle Rotation SpeedSpeed
40,000 psi (2,800 bar)13 gpm (48 lpm)1,000 cfm @ 8" mercury0-3,000 rpm0-12 mph forward, 0-5 mph reverse


  • Hydrostatically driven John Deere custom robot with a front mounted NLB SPIN JET
  • Combines forward and reverse mobility with zero-turn radius and 360 degree unrestricted visibility to create a truly operator friendly coating removal system.
  • The unit’s compact size and maneuverability allow it to work in tight or low overhead clearance areas or on projects that require movement around small radius obstacles
  • Operates at pressures to 40,000 psi (2800 bar) and flows to 13 gpm (48 lpm).
  • Independent hydraulic circuit with 20 gallon reservoir and cooler for control of all components related to the UHP water system.Lights and safety package includes, three headlights, two reverse lights, one rotating beacon, back-up sound warning.

Nozzle Assembly

  • Patented StarJet head is standard and provides maximum removal rates with minimal substrate damage
  • 15″ front bucket assembly with vacuum seal and collection port can be indexed across the front of the tractor via hydraulic controls.
  • Optional head asemblies with cleaning paths from 8″ to 24″ (203mm to 610mm)
  • Hydraulically actuated removal assembly with proportional controls
  • Fully automatic front end service mode makes maintenance fast and easy
  • long life UHP rotary swivelwith easy to replace seals


  • Hydrostatically controlled forward and reverse speeds can be maintained via cruise control and monitored via digital speedometer
  • UHP water start/stop controls to operate system valve mounted on vehicle.
  • Power steering with tilt control for operator comfort.
  • Removal assembly with vacuum seal and collection port can be indexed across the front of the tractor via hydraulic controls.