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StarJet® SRV-1


 Watch the video of the new SRV-1 debut at the 2014 ATSSA Show.

Our latest StarJet® water jet marking and rubber removal system is smaller and lighter, to give you the maneuverability for small jobs with advantages no other system can offer.  NLB's StarJet® SRV-1, allows operators to quickly and thoroughly remove stripes and other markings using nothing but the power of ultra-high pressure water.   

The StarJet SRV-1 is a self-contained system with rotating water jets mounted to the side of the truck. The 40,000 psi water jets completely remove markings or curing compound as the truck drives along the road, or remove rubber as it drives along the runway. Ultra-high pressure water jetting is faster and more thorough than grinding and does less damage to concrete or asphalt.


In addition the SRV-1 is the first truck to utilize NLB's unique ASSIST system.  Helpful tutorial videos are embeded into the word class electronic control system.  The operator is prompted to view the appropriate video if a fault comes up, or they can choose to view any of the videos at their leisure.


 NLB's waterjetting equipment is the most durable in the world, and we guarantee it.  Find out more about NLB's exclusive StarJet Guarantee, and find out why more companies are choosing a StarJet system for their pavement marking and rubber removal needs.



Features and Specifications

Operating PressureFlow RateVacuumFresh WaterDebris Tank
40,000 psi (2,800 bar)8 gpm (30 lpm)1,000 cfm1,000 gallons (3,785 l)1,000 gallons (3,785 l)


  • Hydrostatic drive maintains a consistent speed, 0-3 mph (4.8 km/h)
  • System comes standard with dual steer cab
  • Smaller two axle chasis eliminates the need for a tag axle.
  • ULTRA-CLEAN 40® pump,  water tank, and vacuum system mounted on truck bed

Nozzle Assembly

  • Side-mounted nozzle assembly
  • Long life UHP seal assembly with simple to replace seal for ease of maintenance.
  • Rotating heads available for cleaning paths of 6, 8”, or 10”
  • Nozzle rotation speeds of up to 3,000 rpm with hydraulic drive and closedloop proportional control
  • Integrated vacuum recovery system


  • 1,000 cfm @ 6-8” of mercury
  • Hydraulically driven off of the truck engine
  • Mounted on truck bed; trailer and skid-mounting available


  • Single control panel at driver’s seat, plus remote pendant
  • PLC-based for simplicity and reliability
  • Large video display system gives operator a quick and concise overview of all the trucks systems
  • The StarJet ASSIST system provides helpful video tutorials to help with operation and maintenance