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StarJet Truck




If you want to remove road or runway markings, or runway rubber, without damaging the surface - you need an NLB water jetting system. NLB's StarJet®, allows operators to quickly and thoroughly remove stripes and other markings using nothing but the power of ultra-high pressure water.  NLB offers a standard truck that meet the needs of most applications, but we can custom engineer systems to meet your unique needs.


The StarJet is a self-contained system with rotating water jets on a robotic arm that is mounted to the front of the truck. The 40,000 psi water jets completely remove markings or curing compound as the truck drives along the road, or remove rubber as it drives along the runway. Ultra-high pressure water jetting is faster and more thorough than grinding and does less damage to concrete or asphalt.



Features and Specifications

Operating PressureFlow RateVacuumFresh WaterDebris Tank
40,000 psi (2,800 bar)13 gpm (48 lpm)1,500 cfm2,000 GallonsFour Cubic Yards


  • Self-contained debris recovery system reduces downtime and improves productivity.
  • In-cab video (2 cameras in front, 1 in back) to let the driver monitor progress as well as surrounding traffic.
  • Dedicated pump engine provides maximum productivity and reliability.
  • Vacuum system is powered from the truck engine.
  • 80,000 lbs GVW
  • Dual Steer configuration available

Nozzle Assembly

  • Patented StarJet head provides maximum removal rates with minimal substrate damage
  • Dual Heads for Maximum Productivity
  • On-Board Video System with Front and Rear Facing Cameras
  • Hydraulically actuated removal assembly with proportional controls
  • Fully automatic front end service mode makes maintenance fast and easy
  • Long life UHP rotary swivel with easy to replace seals


  • Removes nearly all of the water and debris
  • 1,500 CFM @ 6-8″ mercury
  • Vacuum system powered by truck hydraulic system.




  • Proportional controls on the robotic arm for more speed and better control.
  • Custom ergonomic control console houses touch screen, joystick, and lighted operator interface switches.
  • Skip line contols allow the operator to advance between skips.
  • Remote hand pendant controls truck speed, truck direction,  HP water on/off, and skip line advance.