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With an NLB water jetting system, you can remove pavement markings or runway rubber faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods, without damaging the pavement.  Contractors, DOTs and airports agree that NLB rotating water jets:

✔completely remove coatings, membranes, thermal epoxies, and rubber build-up… even from grooved pavement

✔leave concrete and asphalt undamaged

✔create a stronger bond for restriping

✔eliminate dust and debris, using vacuum recovery

✔save labor, since fewer operators are needed

✔won’t expose personnel or the environment to abrasive media or chemicals.

NLB delivers the power of ultra-high pressure water (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar) in systems that meet a wide range of customer needs.  All are designed for high productivity and low operating cost.

While others farm out design and/or manufacturing, NLB takes full responsibility for what it sells.  We have more applications experience, in-house engineering and production capacity than anyone in the water jet industry.