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 Road Surface Applications

Road-Applications NLB's integrated STARJET® system quickly and thoroughly removes stripes and other markings from long expanses of pavement.  Water jetting also results in a better surface over time. In Waterloo, Iowa, for example, water jetting was used to remove markings on one stretch of road, and grinding on another stretch. Both were then coated with epoxy, and after five years, much more striping remained on the water jetted surface. Similar results have been obtained in other states, where contractors report that waterjetting has improved their productivity and profitability.



Airport Applications

Airport-ApplicationsIn addition to removing countless miles of highway stripes, NLB water jetting is increasingly popular with airports for rubber removal and runway maintenance.  Controlling the build-up of rubber and other residues that reduce airplane traction helps keep runway friction values within the accepted FAA range, maintaining airport efficiency.  NLB can provide fully-automated or semi-automated UHP water jet systems. They have many advantages over traditional rubber removal methods like corrosive chemicals and mechanical "scrubbing":