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StarJet® systems take off 180 miles in 30 days

July 9, 2014

Faced with its largest highway stripe removal project ever, Williams and Willman Line Painting, Inc. of Kittaning, Penn. knew that high-pressure water jetting could remove markings quickly and thoroughly without damaging the pavement.  But was there a water jet system reliable enough to remove 225-to-250 linear feet per minute, day after day, when Texas temperatures were 105° F?

Two StarJet® systems from NLB Corp. proved more than equal to the task, removing 180 miles of stripe in less than 30 days without a single breakdown.  The StarJet carries a water tank and high-pressure pump to supply the rotating water jets mounted robotically on the front of the truck, and a vacuum system to recover water and debris.

Unlike some water jet systems, the StarJet maximizes uptime and protects against truck engine overload by dedicating horsepower to the pump and vacuum systems.  The result: 180 miles removed in less than 30 working days.